I -   AIA Home tour is scheduled for October 27 & 28, 2018 if your interested.

II -  Austin City Limits first two weekends in October 2018

III - October 25 – November 1 2018 is Austin Film Festival

IV - Formula One Circuit of the Americas October 19-21 2018

V -  Longhorn Football @ home games 10/13/2018 against Baylor



1. Inspect weatherstripping around doors & windows & repair or replace where necessary.

2. Check on the automatic irrigation / sprinkler systems for the upcoming fall and winter months making adjustments to lessen the use of water as we get away from our extreme hot months.

3. Be prepared with rain this time of year to clean your gutters now and very soon again when leaves drop. This will prevent some dry rot conditions now with rain and allow your gutters to work effectively.

4. Pay attention to the corners of your roof that have angles where leaves can build up and rain water gets above flashing (into our walls).

LET A PROFESSIONAL GET ON A LADDER! Likely cheaper than a deductible or a bill from your doctor plus the time...

5. You might also consider having this same Professional install some hardware clothe over your plumbing vents which prevent birds from nesting which effects how toilets flush.

6. Check gauges for fire extinguishers & ensure they are properly charged.

7. If you are considering an interior painting project do during these cooler months when the windows can be left open.

8. Drains inside our home. Inspect your sink drains & tub for debris. Pour ½ cup baking soda down into the drains followed by ½ cup vinegar. Leave for 3 hours, and then run water.

9. Also for drains never try to clean your disposal with ice because the ice can actually break the disposal blades.

10. Here is another tip if you don't have 3 hours but want to clean the disposal or non disposal kitchen sink. Block the drain (some plastic cups work well) and fill the sink up with water, add your degreasing liquid soap and then drain. Run the disposal if applicable while it drains. Cuts down the sludge in our pipes and any smells from our cooking of fish and other.

11. Ceiling fans; don't forget the dust that builds up on top of these. This time of year going forward for several months we can adjust the blade rotation if possible to send air upward to disrupt the warm air that collects near the ceiling and disperse it downward. This is especially effective with higher ceilings and rooms with stoves and fireplaces.

12. Raining these days? Be on the offensive for bugs and spiders who tend to enter our houses. If you have trees in the yard & especially over your house the bugs/spiders drop down.

13. Going for Halloween gear that you enjoy in your yard (and eventually other Holidays)? Take the boxes or your method of storing these outside on a clear no rain day when your ready. Open them up so any bugs/spiders get the message. Turning on lights in storage areas for a few hours that are typically in the dark (especially if your concerned about a recluse spider).

14. Same goes for seasonal clothes & blankets that have been stored. Get them out in the bright lights!

15. If you have plants that will need assistance during colder weather start obtaining what you need before you can't find it.

16. If you are considering hanging lights around your house during the months of November and December start getting bids / quotes.

17. Are you comfortable with the condition of your heating system? When first turned on the smell of dust is not pleasant but it is only dust. Make sure you are safe and no repair needs.  And how are the trees above your chimney? The condition of your fireplace?  The status of firewood?  Firewood is great but bugs love to claim homestead in this area.  Wood destroying insects especially love it when we place stacked firewood against our house.  

18. Would your pets need anything for the cooler days ahead?

19. Gets darker earlier so check on any helpful outdoor lighting that needs to be adjusted, installed, upgraded or new light bulbs.

20. Package deliveries can increase, are they going to be safe? Does your 'Ring' have the proper angles?

If I can help with any referrals for roofers, mechanical (heat & air conditioning), handyman or bug prevention please call/email/text!-Edward Farmer/Realtor

512.785.7968 & EFarmerATx@gmail.com